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謡声(初回限定盤)(DVD付) (JUGEMレビュー »)
ムック, 逹瑯, ミヤ, 岡野ハジメ
純情~スンジョン~ (JUGEMレビュー »)
DJ OZMA, Joon-Young Choi, 綾小路翔
sooo funny
Glay feat Himuro Kyosuke!!!!!! change of History!!!
G4 (JUGEMレビュー »)
G4!! completly my BEST single everrr!!!!
DRIVE~GLAY complete BEST~ (JUGEMレビュー »)
またここであいましょう (JUGEMレビュー »)
pure soul
pure soul (JUGEMレビュー »)
I love the songs in here.
Way of Difference
Way of Difference (JUGEMレビュー »)
I love this song!!!
I love this album. there's a lot of good songs. Probably my favorite album out of all the Glay albums.
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SAto desss o( > v<)o Omatase *niko*
category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
Ohisashiburi! genkikai?
I totally forgot to metion Jiro's birthday here.. iyaa shittetandakedone.. I knew about Jiro's birthday, who can forget? well I was just been a lazy bum and didnt write anything here.. Wellll On his honorable Birthday, I just listned to Jiro-made songs all day. especailly "Strawberry Shake". he's a great singer, next to TERU. ofcourse.. TERU is the best..fro me at least. nnnto dai tai songurai kana. ^^:;
hai Jiro-chan dess~ V(- 3-)V

Otanjyobi Omedetoudesuuu~
Nickname: JIRO
Name: Wayama Yoshihito
Position: Bass
Birthday: 17th October 1972
Blood Type: A
Height: 169.5 cm
Zodiac: Libra
Birthplace: Hakodate, Hokkaido
Likes: Shopping, Photography, Collecting Cameras, MAC,Driving, Billiards, Fishing, Skateboarding, Reading fan mail
Radio Prgramme: BUGGY CRASH NIGHT, FM802 (every Sun Midnight at 12:00 - 1:00am)
Family: Older sister, two younger sisters
Marital Status: Married in 3 Dec 2000 to a editor of the music magazine WHAT'S IN, Reiko
Previous band: Pierrot (not teh pierrot now)
What I think of Jiro: I think he's the cute abd the baby of GLAY. he seems a lot younger then his actual age, and very high sprited, especially in Lives. He seemed to calmed a bit recently though. especailly his looks have changed dramaticly. before he had DBZ/aloe/ anything with spikes hair. now it's normal. he looks cute though. ^-^

yes. so anyways.
oh cj/anna, Japanese Low-res Caramel Town is there for you to download. i hope it's working though.
What I think of Ayabie: I think it's absolutly a great band! My favorite member is..or should i say WAS Ryohei. but sadly, he departured. I didnt want him to surely was hear breaking.. /)o(| I love Aoi's voice and the creative lyrics! ^-^ surely one of my recommends.

but anyways. ^-^
here's pictures of Bis's Season's PV. (i was bored.lol)
Maybe i'll post pics of the Alice Nine's Number Six PV too. next.

hope u enjoyed it.
sarabanari~ (O_<)
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GLAY hanikami Phrase (sorry it's late)
category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
Ok I' going to translate what Glay (only teru adn takuro) said in the TBS show Koisuru Hanikami. In Koisuru Hanikami, there were 3 themes from Glay that was "Futto Futaride", "Winter, again", "However", and lastly they perfprmed the new hit song "Natsu oto". Glay also appeared in the Music Station 2 hour special recently adn sang Natsu oto in a special version, it was sooooooooo good. anyways, without further adue, i'll write the translation on the koisuru hanikami show.

Narrator: The band that's popular within younger kid, and beating million for selling cds- GLAY. We found couple of Hanikami Phrases!!! >_<
Our first phrase is from the 5th single, "Futto Futaride"
Backgroud: this one was good
*Futto futaride in Nippon Budohkan*
background: kakkoiii~~~~~ (so cool!!!!)
Narrator: next it was the 11th single which cant be ignored by couples in winter- Winter, again~
*Winter again probbaly from Music Station*
Narrator: then Lastly, it's the 12th single that beated million seller FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!
*However PV appears*
Narrator: so this was the Hanikami Phrases!!! >_< v
MC1 (i forgot her name): wow!! it's so beautifulllllllllllllllllll!*claps* I'm sooo satisfied!!!
MC2 (i frogot her name too.): It's so beautiful!
MC1: righttt~~? Thnak you so much!
Takuro adn teru: iya.. no, no problem!
Everyone: *Laughs*
Takuro: I'm thankful too
MC1: I'm so happy!
MC2: yes, it was so beautiful but...
MC1: *interupps* I'm feeling so good.
MC2: so how should I say this these songs, you but your feelings in right? adn depending on time?
Takuro: uh um yeah for Winter again,yeah, during taht time there was a person who I liked and she was sick. And she said that she never saw snow.
MC 1 and 2: eehh~ wow
Takuro: and We're all from Hokkaidou so, we've seen it all the time. Then I wished the someday we will be able to go see snow together.
MC1: *falls from chair because it was too romantic for her*
Everyone: *laughs*
MC2: excuse me! can somebody bring a tanker!?Tanker!
MC1: I'm so sorry, i really got an viberation. it was MECHHA (extreamly) Romantic!
MC2: neee~
MC1: OMG,right~ a sick girl hasn't seen snow and wishes they could see it together~~~ >___<
MC1: OMG it's too romantic!!!! X3
Everyone: *laughs*
MC2: So you wanted to like encourage and help her out
Takuro: yes, that's right. I wanted her to be encouraged.
Mc1 adn 2: it' really beautiful isnt it~~
Takuro: "Futto Futaride" wasn't as romantic. It was when TERU's older sister was getting married,
Teru: yes
Takuro: and Teru's mom said to us, "Write a song for her!!!!!"
Evryone: hahahahhahahaaaaaaa!!!
MC2: so it was an order from the family. haha
MC1 haha your mom is so funny!!! haha
Takuro: adn she was like, "If you write a song for her, I'll let you guys eat something good."
Everyone: nyuahahaha
Takuro: So, she wanted something really good for us to sing for her, and taht was out first tie-up song.
MC2: But this song is so..
MC1: *interupps* I love this song tho
MC2: So when you sing this song this phrase is from your heart?
MC1: this part is so good! X3
Teru: yeah~ i guess so. Like Takuro said before, My sister was getting married, so I wanted them to be happy together and stuff like that.
Takuro: normally we can't say these kind of things to a person directly, but from a song, it's possible.
MC1: AHHH!!! I want to be loved by an Musici-SAN (Musician)
MC2: uh um you just said Musici-San
MC2: So in this mesmorizing air, since Glay is here, They will perfrom a song that we are useing for out theme song- Natsu Oto!!
Auience: EHHH!!!! XDDDDDDD
MC2: so they are willing to perform this song for us!!!
MC1: right~~ isnt this great!!!??
MC2: Yoroshiku onegaishimasss~~ XD
everyone: *claps*
*Performs Natsu Oto*
Teru: Thank you.

here are some pictures from the show

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category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
Today. first i'm gonna talke about what happend on Sunday. I went to the Crowne Hotel abd listened to the speech. uff, tired. I saw Eika first adn sat with her, adn we were waiting til Erika came adn we saw her, so we like jumped.lol adn i ordered her to some and wit with us.and so she follwed. lol it was nice seening them again, but i wish we could have talked more, cuz it was a speech adn we had to keep quiet. I had to leave early too... I saw Christina, Julie, and other of my friends too. it was nice. ^-^ after the speech, we went to Mitsuwa and I went to the book store and got a magaine- FOOL'S MATE. it had SID in the front cover so i grabbed it immidiately.lol i was looking for anything with GLAY, but there werent any for this month, but on October there will be. adn I hope i can go to mitsuwa again and get it. I was going to get Shoxx too but i didnt feel like it. there was alos the september NEWSMAKER with Uverworld in the cover and a poster in it. I wanted to get the Newsmaker the month before.. cuz there's Glay and maybe it had Glay's poster in it too.. darn. oh well...I can get it later online. I should ahve got an manga... but i dont have anything new in mind i want to read.. OH! I saw the new Alice Nine album!!! but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive for me. >_< I wanted it.. well i could have gotten it but, i wnated to buy the magaine so i didnt. -_-
oh i'll tell you what's in the magaine.
-SID/ Gazette/ Kirito/ Buck-tick/ MUCC/ Miyavi/ Alice Nine/ Dacco/ Gyackman/ Wired/ Phantasmagoria/ nano/ BALZAC/ ISABELLE/ Tourbillon/ Lucy/ La'cryma Christi/ Malice Mizer/ D'espairRay/ D/ Merry/ ect.

I mostly got it because of MUCC, Sid adn alice nine. I love Merry too.
so I guess I'll scan stuff i like. but if u wnat scans of anything else on the list, just tell me.
First- SID!
SID (シド) is a J-Rock band under Sony's Danger Crue Records. Though they are technically still Indies they have a large fanbase and are rapidly gaining popularity, as evidenced by the speed with which they sell out all of their releases.
MEMBERS- Mao(vo.)/Sinji(git.)/ Aki(Bass.)/Yuuya(drum)



MAO- Vocal.

SHINJI- Guitar


AKI- Bass

Yuuya- Drums

these are the pictures in the interview, but I didnt scan the interview. if u want it, perchace it.

MUCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love MUCC. it's probbaly my second favorite(?) which didnt disband. maybe. I cant decide. aagain, so interview, if u wont it, buy it.
MUCC / MUKKU (ムック) are a Japanese rock (J-Rock)band in 1997. The band's name, decided upon by guitarist Miya, was originally the name of a character from a Japanese children's program Ponkickies.
The band is also known as 69 from a play on words, since six-nine can be pronounced "muku" (六九) in Japanese.
They're a band from Ibaragi, my hometown, so they sumtimes have our accent.lol
Members: Tatsuro(逹瑯)- Vocal/ Miya(ミヤ)- Guitar&leader/ Satochi(SATOち)- Drums/ YUKKE- Bass
MUCC( L to R- Yukke, Tatsuro, Satochi, Miya) srry i had to make this smaller cuz it was too big.

Mucc- (L to R- Yukke, Tatsuro, Miya, Satochi)

Tatsuro- he's so funny, but he teases ppl, except for Miya.lol he's a friendly guy.

Miya- the members think he's scarry. but i think he' really nice and cool.

YUKKE- he's sooo sweet adn cute.lol

SATOchi- h'e sthe loudest one in the band, from my point of veiw. he's so funny and makes funny faces. I think maybe he's my favorite? i funno i like Miya too. actually all of the members are all so awesome.


MUCC is an Angura Kei band. it's kind of like Visual Kei but more Japanese traditioned. Angura is a shortened form of the english word 'underground'. This is a cultural movement in Japan that dated back to the 1960's and had a great expression in independent theatre. It is a movement who influenced many manga artists who tried to find a unique identity for their own cultures. The use of Japanese uniform, kimono, or other traditional garb is very common in angura-kei bands.

sorry, it was really hard to scan these pictures, expecailly Saga is kind of Cut off....-_- poor Saga. again no interview.
alice nine. (アリス九號。) is an independent Japanese Visual Kei band, which consists of five members: Shou as vocalist, Hiroto and Tora on guitars, Saga on bass, and Nao on drums. They are signed to an independent record label, PS Company.alice nine. was formed by Nao, the drummer, in April 2004.
Members: Shou(voc.)/Hiroto(git)/ Tora(git.)/ Saga(bass)/ Nao(drum)


HIROTO (my favorite)

SAGA(srry he was in teh middle of teh apge...)



ok these scans are for ANNA. I promised her i'll scan these pictures.
it's Yama-pi.

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Lighten UP
category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
well it turns out GLAY can attend the Southern All Stars Mujintou Fest. ^-^
I'm so glad because Unlimited Records werent going to let them before. They were haveing a hard time. think i told you this before? no.. wait i didnt i didnt write it here, but i wrote it on my topic in the Tracker. yeah... srry. well i'll say this.. the previous record- The Unlimited records werent going to let glay attend the mujintou fest because of their own copy right of their own songs. I didnt want to write it here until the issue cleared up.
well this is what Adoroglay said, it basically explains the situation and why the tour is called "re-birth". I'm too lazy to explain it in my own words, this person explained it pretty easy.
adoroglay:I was looking back this thread and reading some earlier posts and someone asked why Glay was promoting their new stuff as "re-birth". I don't know if it was already posted here, but it's because they passed through a serious problem with their ex-manager, who worked for Unlimited Records. Nobody knows what happened exactly, but it seems taht they discovered their ex-manager had been stealing money from them. I heard stories that he "disappeared" last year, after the tour ended, leaving them with debts. That story is not very clear because Glay was always discreet about that. But that's the reason why they broke from Unlimited Records and were on hiatus for so long. Their come back is like a "re-birth". They are also more independent now.
And now the company didn't want them to perform for SAS event because it's for Amuse, which is a rival of Unlimited Group. It's terrible how they can control Glay's stuff even though they're not their company anymore.

yes, pity Glay right?. I hope the issue will clear. it's a good thing they're doing a CM with mordern amusement. it's a pretty big company. good thing thye're on their side. in the CM Glay is taking part in it. i wanna see it.

Glay will be on Music Station on SEPTEMBER 8th! they'll perform Nastu-oto.
here's a picture of the mujintou fes. Left to right->桜井和寿(ミスター・チルドレン mr.children)、桑田佳祐、TERU(GLAY).

and alos the Swing Addiction Live is going to be on the cover of the October issue in B-Pass!!!
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