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謡声(初回限定盤)(DVD付) (JUGEMレビュー »)
ムック, 逹瑯, ミヤ, 岡野ハジメ
純情~スンジョン~ (JUGEMレビュー »)
DJ OZMA, Joon-Young Choi, 綾小路翔
sooo funny
Glay feat Himuro Kyosuke!!!!!! change of History!!!
G4 (JUGEMレビュー »)
G4!! completly my BEST single everrr!!!!
DRIVE~GLAY complete BEST~ (JUGEMレビュー »)
またここであいましょう (JUGEMレビュー »)
pure soul
pure soul (JUGEMレビュー »)
I love the songs in here.
Way of Difference
Way of Difference (JUGEMレビュー »)
I love this song!!!
I love this album. there's a lot of good songs. Probably my favorite album out of all the Glay albums.
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EIRIKA ~erierikaeika~ and satoka
category: Life~! | author: Satoka
Ok, finally i'm back from Fort Lee NJ where erika lives. I had so much fun there, i cant even discribe it in words.I'll juts tell you in like a schedule kind of way.

I left Philly at like 9am, and we were going to go on the Greyhound/peterpan bus on 11am. but I dont know why but that bus didnt come, every passangers were liek complaining cuz it didnt come. adn some people even yelled at the manager.lol. it was a bit entertaining. >_< so anyways, my dad called erika's house that i was going to be late. but erika already left for NY where we were going to meet. so erika was waiting for me for over an hour...... -_- when i got there i got sooo lost cuz it's New York.lol it's SOOOOOOOOO BIGGG! i was like... "woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow". so eventually i found my little erika. I was actually going to wear an afro and a geta (japanese sandals)lol but u knowwwwwwwww... ppl will think i'm a freak.jkjk. but I did wear my hat. so anyways, when we got to erika's house we just chilled and we gpt a call from eri and eika that they can come!! yay! this is all thankx to Julie Owens. ^^ she dropped them off but Julie coundnt stay.. while waiting for those two me and erika was eating a cherry pie, which was really good. oh yeah eri can eat anything. she ate erika's plant.lol. and she like s to torture her 2 lil birds. but i know how that feels to want to torture cute little things.lol eika was being he rself- cool. ^^ she is really pretty, but she dosent belive it. geez. we played cards it was fun, eri is so goooddd.....and we talked until like midnight, espcailly me adn eika, but erika and eri were half as sleep.lol

we woke up and we promised we would go to NY with all of us, but Eika coundnt make it cuz of her mom. she's really strict. i wish we coud have left earier. so we left to New York with erika, eri adn me. it was really fun though, but it would have been better with eika. we went shopping. we went to like Conway, Book off, H&M (yay) and other stores. plus japanese cafes. we got green soda it was so good, i took a picture of the food adn the green soda, that'll be comming soon.lol well i got 2 camies- black one adn black/white stripe one. i also got like a thin hoodie shirt that u wear over something liek my other stripe one, but the one i got in NY isnt stripes. it's like cream color. i also just got a white shirt cuz it was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally cheap. i got a white demin jacket too, it's white. but i wish the collor was bigger. I need a jacket like that but bigger and bigger collor.i think thta's all i got... i'm not sure. we also got our PALMS READ!!!!! >_< it was only $3.00! adn this phyche guy was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I dont really remmeber everything he said but i'll tell you. he only looked at my palm once adn the rest of the time he wasnt looking at me, he was looking like behind me or sumthing. it was kinda freaky cuz it left liek he was talking to the sprit behind me or sumthing. but anyways here's like a list of things he said
- that i'll live long. >_< yessss!! that's the lirst thing he said.
- he said i need spritual cleansing.adn i need to pray more. he said that he'll like pray for me or sumthing.
- he said that i give and like take care of people a lot but i get nothing in return because there's a lot of negativities around people.
- he said i was suppose to be famous.
- he said i already know my soul mate!!! O_O but we're keeping away from eachother. i keep away from a lot of guys...lol
- he asked how old i am and he asked if my religion was buddist, but it's not. but it's strange how he asked my religion. adn it soudned like he was talking to my sprit and not me.lol
i forgot the rest..-_- but i should have asked him questions. there's a lot i want to ask. he was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly good, i'm going back ther esome other day again.
then after we did shopping adn all that crap, eri had to leave..............-_- we waved to her and stayed with her until she left. he had to go on the train.

it was just me adn erika and we were planning to go to Mitsuwa together just the two of us, but then there was a sudden call that eika could come!!!!! so we went to mitsuwa and met with eika. we went to 2 book stores adn i bought 3 magazines one is B-pass with GLAY!!! >_< I love the pictures in there! plus the intervies were awesome. adn i got Myojo with a Johnny's ppl. especially Kat-tun. it was pretty cool. there's a lot on there plus i got a Yamapi posted. but i dont really like it.lol i wish i got a Glay's posted instead.lol ther's a KAT_TUN poster ist thing too, it's pretty cool i like it. i also got a ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI post card, so it was pretty cool. i also got a ViVi magazine, it's a fasion magazine. adn Takuro's wife is in ViVi, but i dont think she's in there anymore, she probably graduated? i dunno. and at the book store we were just looking at magainzes and looking at mangas. it was pretty cool i was reading the manga version of Ju-on, which is a pretty scarry movie, but as a manga it wasnt scarry, it was pretty good. and eika's mom baought as teppan yaki, it was reaaaaaaaaally good. she was really nice. and we bought ramen, that was really good.
atnight when eika left, Julie owens wanted us to come to this Diner. so we went there and we also saw Julie Soivan. pret-ty cool. adn we were just talking and all and when we were going back, me and erika were singing Koda Kumi's "cutie honey"lol. we were being weird.lol it was fun.

Julie came over just before i was goimg to leave and we were like watching Music Station with Kat-tun, it wa spretty funny. adn just before we left i saw GLAY so it made my day, they were going "way of difference" it was the old one. with Teru's blond hair!!!! >_< god i love that!!!!
so i left.i left my towl adn my MD adn MDs in erika's house.lol darn.

here's the scan of Glay in my magazine. i'm only scanning Glay, but if u want some other things, juts tell me.
these pictures are so cool.. cuz it's like FULL Page. and i had to make it smaller cuz it was waayyyy too big.. and it souldnt even fit on my scanner

srry for this, the page wouldnt fit it's suppose to say "Glay to begin with G4"

srry about these 2 picture, the size was too big so i bad to make this small.

this one, the page was way too big so i bad to put some off. atleast there's the picture.lol
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back from New York
category: Life~! | author: Satoka
ok I finally ahve time to talk about my life again.lol
anyways. well I came back from New York (UTS) today at midnight.lol I was so tired.-_- It took twice as long to get back because there was a storm on the way adn i adsolutly coundt see anything, quite dangerous. so we stopped at the rest stop until the rain stopped. the lightening was flashing every second! well anyways. New York was a blast. I saw my friends there. Eika, Minhwa, Hyejin, Wongil, Eika's sister, Minhwa's families.. ect ect. It was fun talking to Minhwa. oh I saw the McKenna's too. We went to go see if there was any icecream but we coundt find any. I was so thirsty so i drank sumthing from what it was "water" adn it turned out.. uit's DIRTY water.. I was like.. EWWWWWWWWWWW! I totally felt sick.. Minhwa did the same.lol well anyways, there was so many things that happend that i cant type in here. I'll just post some glay's pictures.

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category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
ok well here are some pics of the Music Fighter pics, srry I coudnt get u guys the Music Station pics.. i have to see it from VLC so i cant get u the pics..-_-:;
well anyways. I just skipped around a lil bit and concentrated on Glay. Here there's Dotmo Koichi, Mr.Chilren, Glay adn Aiko, also Nanamujika. I think Mr.Children is ok, i like their music. I respect them for getting 1st place on the oricon chart before. but was the Houki Boshi song THAT good though? well wutever, my point of view is that I dont know if they really deserved it... but the ppl said so, so i cant argue. I like Mr.Children myself, so i dont mind. also the B'z SPLASH song... for me.. I think it could of been better, but it's not liek i can be better then them. B'z is cool, i have nothing againced them. anyways. enjoy the pics.

now moving on to GLAY! XDDDDDDDDD

awwwwwwwww... look at Hisashi cry.. that's so touching. >_<

They sang the song- Koi in the new single, G4. it was lovely. they all sang with their heart. it was something you would call beautiful.
ok this is the rest of the show, but i didnt really have enough time to get more pics.

ok this is all ^-^
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ONE LOVE GLAY ~beats so loney way~
category: Jrock/pop | author: Satoka
Ok. so Glay has been on the Oricon charts and were on the second place, but now, i think that's changing. when i check the chart today, Glay is on 8th place, which isnt bad at all! BUT on Musicnet, they are number 1!!!! X3 but it's so good enough Glay was on the 2nd place on Oricon before. ^-^ and they were on music stationa dn other medias. I saw them, they were awesome. I love how they our their heart into their music. ^-^ I saw Gyao.tv's Glay clip, it was pretty touching. ^-^
anyways. where are the covers of the Happy Swing fanclub mags.

I'm so happy teru grew out his hair again. lol. ^-^
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